New Compositions and Projects in Progress

If it is true that the seasons bring news, I have to thank this autumn for the many stimuli that are fueling my ideas for new compositions and projects … In fact, with the arrival in the new season there are some interesting collaborative proposals that will undoubtedly stimulate, or better they are already stimulating, my creativity awakening it from summer’s “sleep”. Listed below there are the news on the new compositions and projects in progress, for each one I chose a piece of music to which I’m particularly attached:

Piano and Sax

First of all, the beginning of an artistic collaboration with an interesting and very good musician (of whom I will not reveal the name yet, but not so much for superstition …) to which I will dedicate a new piece for sax and piano, I hope will take life in the coming months.

Flute end Guitar

The second is a commission for a guitar and flute piece that will be performed at the beginning of the new year and which represents my second approach to guitar as a composer (my instrument) with its beautiful timbres and colors, but also with the usual technical and writing difficulties which the six-strings is known for.

InOpera Project

A special mention deserves the recently created operatic project with my friends and great musicians Lisadora Valenza (mezzosoprano), Donatella Iaia (soprano) and Ivano Guagnelli (pianist and orchestra conductor) with whom I am working on the realization of operatic events in a modern and contemporary style with the aim of spreading the culture of opera, and of lyricism in general, which characterizes our country and too often does not reach the audience as it should. The heart of the project is the idea of ​​having a 360 degree approach to the genre that allows us to work on original concert programs specially made for the “modern public” and the implementation of the new technologies and languages ​​such as video clips , streaming and the social media world that give us the opportunity to integrate current media for the diffusion and realization of artistic ideas. Last but not least, there is the will to create and represent in every possible form new lyric operas, the will that comes from sharing the ideas of our young artistic team.

In the Ending…

And to close here is my work Echi tra spazio e Tempo for two voices and piano composed last year and performed at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, Sala del Cenacolo in the complex of Vicolo Valdina, during the inaugural event of the exhibition Black Holes (curated by Bruno Corà) ‘Italian artist Michele Cossyro.

For the occasion: Alessandro d’Agostino (piano), Lisadora Valenza (mezzosoprano), Donatella Iaia (soprano)

Video recording and post-production by Damiano Sordi

Versione Italiana