COVID-19 Pandemic Inspired Me a New Piece for Piano and Electronic

The difficult situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (link wiki) that is afflicting us in this period inspired me to compose a new piece for piano and electronics. Especially in difficult moments, music allows us to express and elaborate what we are experiencing within ourselves and at the same time to leave, through art, a testimony of the current period. I chose to compose this piece in a more instinctive way, thus letting all the emotions translated into the music as directly as possible emerge from the subconscious. For this reason, the piece was born improvising a melody on the piano that transforms itself and tells my story (and my inner relationship) about the COVID-19 pandemic. I dedicate the passage to all the people of this beautiful planet who are facing this difficult situation like me, in the hope that when everything is over we will perhaps be more aware of the really important things and have learned something … Something that will be useful in the future and that will perhaps allow us to better experience the relationship with nature by catching the messages it has always sent us.

Thanks and happy listening. Emiliano Imondi

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