The Oltenia Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra performs “Please Wait … I am Tuning” short symphonic rhapsody suite for the orchestra tuning

Performed by the Oltenia Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra in Romania conducted by Maestro Ivano Guagnelli, my work Please Wait … I am Tuning: Symphonic-Aleatoria-Rapsodiaca mini Suite for the tuning of the orchestra. The work, commissioned to me last year by Ivano Guagnelli for the Player 2 Orchestra on the occasion of the summer concert at the Casa del Jazz in Rome, stems from the need to tune the orchestra halfway through the concert without interrupting it. For this reason I chose to write a rhapsody-suite with a first random part and a second part in a kind of alea created by the combination of the main themes of the songs scheduled for the concert. Mainly they are a selection of popular video game themes such as Skyrim, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Halo, The Witcher etc. and soundtracks like E.T. the Extraterrestrial, The Ghostbusters, The Avengers, Tron, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones etc.

With great pleasure I received the news of the trip of my friend Ivano Guagnelli who, with the occasion offered by Maestro Gian Luigi Zampieri (permanent director of the Philharmonic Oltenia Craiova) was able to export the Player 2 Orchestra project for the first time abroad. Ivano Guagnelli together with the project founder and composer Riccardo La Chioma have been dedicated for more than two years to the creation and growth of the Player 2 Orchestra which has proved phenomenal in live contexts by performing, in synchrony with the video images specifically created, a very varied repertoire that has always breached the audience bringing sold-out to every single concert.

So I take this opportunity to make my best compliments to Ivano Guagnelli and Riccardo La Chioma for the work they are doing, to the Player 2 Orchestra for making the project possible, to the Filarmonica Oltenia Craiova for the excellent performance and for the beautiful concert (which I was told because unfortunately I was unable to attend), to Maestro Gian Luigi Zampieri and obviously to all the audience present for the warmth shown towards a “new” repertoire such as that of video games.

italian version

Player 2 Orchestra | Concerti nel Parco | Casa del Jazz | July 6, 2018

Oltenia Craiova Philharmonic Orchestra | Craiova, Romania | March 1, 2019