The Vibration of Silence: a New Piano Composition

The Vibration of Silence: a new piano composition A new composition for piano came to life after an experience I had recently... First of all I would like to give my thanks to Federico Magnaguagno (Yoga teacher and founder of ASD Gymnazen) and Fabio Marcelloni (my master of Taijiquan, internal style of Kung Fu) [...]

My debut at Carnegie Hall: remembering New York

My debut at Carnegie Hall: remembering New York Today is the second anniversary of my debut at Carnegie Hall: this is the story...I can definitely say that my debut as a composer on December 12, 2015 at Carnegie Hall in New York City (see the post) was certainly one of the most beautiful and [...]

New ongoing compositions inspired by Cossyro’s Mondi Paralleli

Hi New ongoing compositions are coming! I am working on a new series of compositions dedicated to my friend and eclectic artist Michele Cossyro. The first one is written for piano solo and is titled Universi Paralleli. For this composition I am inspiring by a specific work belonging to the series Mondi Paralleli - Fisarmoniche I have seen last year [...]

Great success last March 2 at the world premiere of my work Echi tra Spazio e Tempo

Premiere of Echoes Between Space and Time (orig. title Echi fra Spazio e Tempo) The last Wednesday, March 2 at the Sala del Cenacolo (Cenacle Hall) of the Complesso di Vicolo Valdina (Chamber of Deputies) in Rome was held with great success the world premiere of my latest work Echi tra Spazio e Tempo (Echoes between [...]

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