I was very happy to lead the world premiere of Emiliano Imondi’s Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme, as the winner of the 2014 Respighi Prize (aff., Bologna). As a fellow Italian composer, I could not be more proud of Emiliano’s compositional work and his professionalism. His Three Variations served as a wonderful testament of our orchestra’s work honoring the music of Ottorino Respighi. It is often rare these days to work with such a kind, yet serious artist who continues to evolve as a result of experiences. He shows an innate sensibility for melody, and drama, and I expect he will be doing great things in the future.

Maestro Salvatore Di Vittorio | Composer, Conductor and Music Director, Chamber Orchestra of New York

A sterling performance of the world premiere of the impressive Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme by the promising Emiliano Imondi, this year’s winner of the Respighi Prize.

Jack Angstreich | on Dec 12, 2015 concert at Carnegie Hall NYC,

Imondi, forever conscious of 19th Century traditions, with his musical language creates his own story, utilizing excitement and lyricism without ever yielding to overused harmonic and melodic conventions. The instrumental lessons of the string quartet come together in this work with a natural phonic exaltation, exploiting its great potential to the fullest.

Antonio D'Antò | Composer, Conductor and Pianist

In August 2012, it was with great pleasure that I agreed to premier the Sonata by Emiliano Imondi. I now have the honor of presenting it to the public in its published format. Cellists search for fresh new compositions to add to the repertoire for their instrument and Imondi’s lyrical vein is a perfectly suited to the cello’s unique expression. I am certain that the study and performance of this piece will give great pleasure to cellists everywhere.

Andrea Cavuoto | Cellist

Imondi is an exceptional composer who knows how to combine classicism with innovation. His scores exude the talent of a composer who understand how harmony can capture the spirit of musical imagery. In this young musician we recognize a precision and a poetry based on years of careful study. The inner world he creates in his works is never pedantic or showy but represents a complex and yet articulate expression.

Corrado Ceron | Film Director and Screenwriter


I write music because i think it makes me a better man. I see in music a way to express myself and i think that, as an abstract art, is able to convey messages and emotions universally. I like to think that, listening to music, anyone can give it the meaning and the feeling that prefers, experiencing them for the duration of the composition. In fact Music is an art of the time and it is never be the same even if written. Music is not outside, is not something to listen to, but only comes to life within us. It lies in our inner time because is the ability to feel ourselves in harmony with our lives.

“Music is everything that one listens to with the intention of listening to music…”

Luciano Berio


Award-winning composer active both in the fields of classical and contemporary music than in jazz and modern music. Thanks to his eclectic vision and versatility his works spread from the absolute music to the applied one.



Composer, arranger and guitarist based in Rome, Italy. He began to study classical and jazz guitar with various teachers. From 2005 he studied with American jazz pianist Barry Harris. He’s graduated in Composition at the Frosinone Music Conservatory, he also graduated in Jazz Guitar and Jazz Arranging at the same institute. In the same years he began to working as arranger with the Jazz Orchestra of the Conservatory of Frosinone and as composer and orchestrator with the Symphony Orchestra of the same institute. In 2014 he earned a master in Film Scoring “Music and Tech Applied on Films” at the Forum Academy in the prestigious Forum Music Village Recording Studios founded in ’69 by italian award-winning composers Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovajoli and Louis Bacalov. He also continues to study improving himself attending various master classes in composition with Antonio D’Antò, Mauro Montalbetti, Luca Lombardi and Aldo Brizzi

In 2014 he won “The Respighi Prize International Composers Competition” with the work Three Variations on a Gregorian Theme for string orchestra, and in the same year his music drama Odisseo e Calipso for two voices and orchestra is awarded with Honorable Mention at the “Boston Metro Opera Composers Competition”. On December 2015 he debuts at Carnegie Hall in New York City with Chamber Orchestra of NY conducted by Salvatore Di Vittorio.

Recently he was selected as a finalist at the “Boston Guitar Fest Composition Competition 2016” with the piece for solo guitar Riflessi del Cielo in una Pozzanghera and at the contest “In Clausura 2014” with the piece for cello ensemble Tempus Fugit that has been performed for the occasion by Giovanni Sollima and the 100cellos in Teatro dell’Arte in Milan.

On March 2, 2016 his work Echi tra Spazio e Tempo for two voices and piano, commissioned by the Italian artist Michele Cossyro, has premiered at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome for the inaugural event of the Cossyro’s exhibition Black Holes.

On July 13, 2018 his melologue Il Tao dell’Acqua (freely inspired on a text by Zhuang Zi) for viola and harp with Barbara Roganti (narration and dramaturgy) and Chiara Taviani (coreography and dance) has premiered at the event “Musica d’Acqua” in Parco S. Vito, Sirmione, Itay

His composer activity spreads also in applied music: in 2013 he composed the music for the short-movie A Plastic Love by Corrado Ceron (1st prize at the 3rd edition of “Social World Film Festival” in Vico Equense, Italy) and the soundtrack of the documentary Looking for a Friend by Karma Gava and Alvise Morato (1st Prize at “Roma3Film Festival” 2014, Special Prize at “Cervignano Film Festival” 2013). From 2016 he is assistant of the composer Marco Werba for the films Seguimi by Claudio Sestrieri and Controtempo by Aurelio Grimaldi.

In 2014 he took part in the composition of the stage music for the theatrical drama The Slaughter of Job by Fausto Paravidino with Filippo Dini and Monica Samassa, premiered at the Bozar Théâtre in Brussels.

His works have been performed worldwide in some prestigious theater and concert halls for various festivals and events: Carnegie Hall in New York City, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome for the celebration of “150° Anniversary of Unity of Italy”, Cenacle Hall at Chamber of Deputies in Rome, Teatro dell’Arte in Milan, International Music Festival “Suona Francese” annual event organized by the French and Italian Embassy, “Musica d’Acqua” in Sirmione, “The Week of Contemporary” in Frosinone, “Noto International Music Festival “NotoMusica 2013” at Palazzo Ducezio in Noto, “InChiostro” Music Festival in Frosinone, “XXVII° International Chamber Music Festival” in Norcia, “International Selection” at Bozar Theater in Brussels, Théâtre de la Commune of Aubervilliers Paris, Théâtre Liberté in Toulon, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura etc.

His works are published by M.A.P. Editions for contemporary music and by Limited Music Trade for applied music.


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