New idea for a work is in my head. I am thinking on a new composition (still at the stage of initial conception but I hope will mature soon)  inspired by a unique work that my friend Michele Cossyro as made for me (see the feature picture of this post). He gave me the work as a christmas gift last Dec 2016 and it is now placed on a wall in my studio. The work refers to the fold in space-time and its interaction with dark matter. It is part of a series of work called Pieghe Cosmiche (cosmic folds) exhibited in various art galleries in Italy and around the world (here is the exhibition at FAM Gallery in Agrigento, Sicily). I am very happy to have this work in my studio because, apart from being very beautiful and unique, is able to create the right atmosphere to enhance my ideas and creativity … A big thank you to Michele hoping that his and my art can continue to meet.

Stay Tuned and have a nice evening.

Emiliano Imondi


new idea nuova composizione