Premiere of Echoes Between Space and Time (orig. title Echi fra Spazio e Tempo)

The last Wednesday, March 2 at the Sala del Cenacolo (Cenacle Hall) of the Complesso di Vicolo Valdina (Chamber of Deputies) in Rome was held with great success the world premiere of my latest work Echi tra Spazio e Tempo (Echoes between Space and Time) for two voices and piano in occasion of the opening event of the Michele Cossyro‘s exhibition cured by Bruno Corà Black Holes. The piece, composed by direct commission of Maestro Cossyro and wonderfully performed by Donatella Iaia (soprano), Lisadora Valenza (mezzosoprano) and Alessandro D’Agstini (piano) has met with great success by the the audience. The involving atmosphere created by the presence of Maestro Cossyro’s contemporary works (inspired by the blacks holes and the latest discoveries in physics of particles and astrophysics) immersed in the typical baroque-style environment of the Cenacle Hall and the music program (which also included the performance of the Duet of Flowers from Lakme by Delibes) has meant that “the ancient and the modern” are merged to each other, creating an intense dialogue between different types of artistic languages. I sincerely hope that the collaboration with the Maestro Cossyro and all musicians will continue in the future and I take this opportunity to again thanking them for having “given life” to my music.

Emiliano Imondi

italian version