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Begin to scoring a new work: a short movie by Corrado Ceron

Hi, today I begin to scoring a new short movie by Corrado Ceron. Stay tuned for more updates! Title: Anna solatia (provvisorio) with Clarice Alves Director: Corrado Ceron Dop: Alberto Marchiori Edit: Ed Aldinori First Ad: Carolina Murad Music: Emiliano Imondi Mix: Alessandro Romano Rent: D-Vision & Doonkey Production: Incontrastofilm - Milagro - Madrid In&Out Coming in 2015

Un Viaggio Senza Te

I would inform everyone that in 2015 will be released Un Viaggio Senza Te a film by MARCO GALLO with SARA SARTINI, CARLA BARTOLI and FABRIZIO D’ALESSIO for which i have co-composed the score: music by MAKAY in collaboration with NOISE SYMPHONY | FORUM ACADEMY music composition and orchestration | EMILIANO IMONDI | MATTEO GERVASI music editors | DANIELE FRANCHITTI | LUCA PALMIERI the song UN [...]

Dicembre 31st, 2014|Categories: Drama, Film Scoring, Orchestral, Soundtrack|

Finally here is the certificate for the course of “Music and Technology on Films” at Forum Music Village Recording Studios

Great satisfaction today! Finally, after a year of work and study, here is the certificate for the course of “Music and Technology on Films”. It was organized by the Forum Academy in collaboration with IITM and MidiWare. It was held at the prestigious Forum Music Village Recording Studios in Rome, Italy … Thanks to Silvio Relandini, all other teachers and all the [...]

Novembre 14th, 2014|Categories: Applied Music, Film Scoring, Master, Soundtrack|

Film scoring session at Forum Music Village Studios

Film scoring session for "Un Viaggio Senza Te" written and directed by Marco Gallo at Forum Music Village Studios. Thanks to everyone for this great experience...