Project Description


TAO OF THE WATER | Dialogue in music for two instruments, narrator and dancer freely inspired by a text by Zhuang Zi

World Premiere July 13, 2018
at the event “Musica d’Acqua”Garda Lake Music Festival
Performers: Giancarlo Bussola (viola) Martino Panizza (harp), Barbara Roganti (narrative voice and dramaturgy), Chiara Taviani (coreography and dance)
Parco San Vito
Sirmione (BS), Italy


Original text La Piena Autunnale by Zhuang Zi (300 A.C. – Elaboration and adaptation by Emiliano Imondi

(The full english text is coming soon)

PROLOGUE: Observing the Immensity

I. The Frog Knows How is the Unchanging Sea?

II. No Borders

III. No Distinction

IV. The Cycle of the World

Italian version

V. Knowing the Tao

VI. The Sky and the Man

INTERLUDE: The Dance of Tao


VII. The Joy of Pisces

EPILOGO: The Great Joy of the Sea