Project Description

Looking for a Friend | In Cerca di un Amico

Directed by Karma Gava and Avlise Morato
Camera: Karma Gava
Music: Emiliano Imondi and Daniele Furlan | Wavecraft Film Scoring Project
Editing supervisor: Davide Vizzini
Voice speaking: Marco Stizza
Final song: Adje Zora and Yuri Argentino
Distribuition: NoLook Distribuzioni


In the city of Tokyo, there are many agencies where employees, for money, have to play the role required depending on the circumstances: friend to go to the movies, cousin to move a birthday, fictitious spouse to better address the meeting with professors … Through interviews with employees of these agencies our gaze wonders of a rapidly changing world, where technology facilitates the exchange of informations and the contact between physically distant people, but at the same time alters the traditional ways of interaction.


Cervignano Film Festival 2013 – Special award
Roma3FilmFestival 2014 – Best documentary award
Alta Langa Film Festival 2014 – Best documentary award
Documentamy Festival 2014 – Best documentary award
Festival del cinema di Brescello 2014 – Special mention
Kalat Nissa Film Festival – Best Documentary
Castellaneta FIlm Festival – Best Documentary
Festival Cinema Brevi d’Autore – Best editing
Pesaro Doc Fest 2015 – Students Jury Award

Ischia Film Festival – Italy
World Film Festival – Bangkok
Festroia Film Festival – Lisbona
Miradas doc – Tenerife
World Film Festival – Estonia
Mediteran Film Festival – Bosnia
Avanca Film Festival – Porto
Arcipelago Film Festival – Italy
Inventa un Film Festival – Italy
Sardinia Film Festival – Italy
Tolfa Film Festival – Italy
Festival del documentario d’Abruzzo – Italy
ASFF AS Film Festival – Italy
IntimaLente Film Festival – Italy
Premio Villanova Monteleone – Italy
Malescorto Film Festival – Italy
Cuneo Film Festival – Italy
Euganea Film Festival – Italy
Visioni Italiane – Italy
Pazmany FIlm Festival – Budapest
Skepto international film festival – Cagliari
CineGlobe festival international de films au cern – Ginevra
Lavori in Corto – Italy
Festival Internazionale Cinema di Frontiera – Siracusa
Ciampino International Film Festival – Roma
Frontale Film Festival – Austria
Vicoli Corti – Taranto
Social World Film Festival
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes UDCI – Tijuana
Eastern Breeze Internacional Film Festival – Canada
Festival Internazionale del Cinema Documentario Marcellino de Baggis – Taranto
Puerto Fidryn Internacional Film Festival – Argentina