Project Description

Hijos de la Tierra Asi Fue (Enterrados)

Film documentary based on the collapse of the San Jose mine in 2010 in Chile

Written and directed by: Claudio D’elia and Alejandro Buchelli

Produced by: Verve Media Company

Music composed by: Emiliano Imondi and Daniele Furlan – Wavecraft Film Scoring Project

The incident in the San José mine occurred on August 5th, 2010. It was the collapse of the roof of the mine of San José, located 45 km north from the city of Copiapo, Thirty three chilean miners were trapped 700 meters underground. On 22nd August, the first contact between the miners and engineers on the surface, finally confirmed that all the 33 miners had survived the crash, and they were in a shelter.
The mining of gold and copper, property of the company of San Esteban, has already been closed several times in the past: the latter, in 2007, because of an accident causing the death of a miner.
Between 13 and 14 October 2010, all the miners were rescued. This documentary tell the story of the 33 miners in particular, it narrates the story of the oldest miner Mario Gomez and his family waiting for him outside the mine.